About Us

Welcome to Dazzle Dori

We work with handloom weavers of Chanderi, a small town in Madhya Pradesh to produce exclusive range of Sarees with vibrant colors and contemporary designs.

From the Vedic period, Chanderi is one of the finest handloom clusters known for its fine cotton & silk texture embellished with zari. Patronized by royalty, Chanderis are light weight and their golden haze sets them apart. In India, an estimated 18,000 craftsmen are directly or indirectly dependent on this industry for their living.

Design Philosophy 

I hardly ever wore sarees because when i used to see saree I could only imagine my mother or grandmother in it. In sarees i felt too old or too traditional. So I felt the need to make the saree 'simpler'. That is my design philosophy.

In the earlier days, women used to buy stiff woven sarees and wear it knowing that in five or six wears, the saree will become soft. Today an average youngster wears the saree probably only five times total! That’s why they are likely to stay away from handloom sarees. 

At Dazzle Dori, we make the saree very soft and wearable.

I want our generation to wear hand-loom sarees. They should not only buy one to keep but wear them! I believe Handloom is luxury which gives you a sense of confidence and classiness.

Chanderi sarees are light weight and quite breathable. Its luxurious than cotton and lighter than silk, these can be worn anywhere as there is no possibility of being over-dressed or under-dressed for any occasion.

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